Comments from Relatives

What follows are some unsolicited comments from relatives of a number of residents :

  • "Every care assistant I have met has been wonderful. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr & Mrs Curry and will always be grateful to them for keeping my mother safe, happy, contented, and very much herself."

  • "We would like to thank you both and all your staff at The Manor House, for all your kindness and care you gave mother - especially over the last few weeks when she was beginning to get weaker. Nothing was too much trouble to you all."

  • "Thank you for all you have done in making Nanna‘s life as comfortable as possible over the past eighteen months. Especially the care shown by yourselves and staff when she became so ill. It was so comforting to know that she was in such good and caring hands"

As part of our quality assurance we use questionnaires and invite comments from all those who visit The Manor House. What follows are a few of the answers given by relatives in response to the question ' What in your opinion are the best aspects of our home...'

  • "It is a very friendly and a lovely period property. The gardens are very well tended. There are never any bad odours inside (a big plus for me). I don't have any criticism. It is like being in a hotel and all the residents seem very happy and well-cared for."
  • "Very caring towards residents and very welcoming towards visitors.  Always a cup of tea on offer. The staff  do a good job and the management seems good."
    "I think that it's a very well run home with efficient and caring staff. Thank you all for the care & patience you show to my mother."
  •  "The way they make you feel welcome at anytime of the day (thank you)."

Comments from Visiting Professionals

From Local GP's

  • "Excellent residential care. Residents medical needs well managed and supervised. Medications managed correctly when needed. Confidentiality respected and protected."
  • "Well kept home - clean and well-presented. Staff - Usually knowledgeable about patients. Polite, caring & respectful to  patients. Medication - Appropriate reviews undertaken. Illness - Appropriate treatment of acute and chronic illness. Good observation of symptoms and signs by the staff. Good communication - and appropriate. Happy to have my patients cared for in this residential home."

Comment from a visiting NVQ assessor:

  • "The staff are extremely helpful & friendly in their approach to visitors & other professionals coming into the home. This is led by very supportive managers...The clients are involved in all celebrations & are placed within a family environment, which staff & managers have created."

Comment from one of the musicians who plays regularly at The Manor House:

  • "I regularly play at 20+ different homes each month...I have an elderly mother (90) who still lives at home. Should the need arise I would be more than happy if she was being cared for at The Manor !"

Comments from one of the community nurses:

  • "Manor House, always is a friendly, helpful care home. As a visiting nurse, the staff are always helpful and aware of their residents needs.  The residents appear well looked after in a warm friendly environment."