Fire Procedure  --  Introduction

The priority in the event of fire is to preserve life.


To take all possible steps to minimise the risk of fire occurring. In the event of fire all persons in the building will be evacuated safely.


All staff will be made aware of what to do in the event of a fire and will be informed of the location and use of fire safety equipment. Written instructions will be displayed on each floor of the home. Fire exits will be clearly marked and fire doors will not be wedged open. Fire drills for all day staff will be held every six months. Night staff will have fire drills quarterly. 

Dates of all inspections by the fire prevention officer will be recorded and any recommendations implemented expediently.

All fire safety equipment will be regularly inspected and maintained.

Staff will be encouraged to identify any fire hazard and notify the proprietors.

Staff and residents will be informed of the no smoking policy of the home. Additional information about fire safety can be found in Supplement 5 of The Manor House health and safety policy statement