The Manor House is located in the pleasant and attractive seaside town of Seaton. The home is well-situated on the level with only a short walk (or wheelchair ride) to the seafront and the centre of town. Seaton is quite compact so all amenities are quite near. Residents are encouraged and assisted to take part in the life and activity of the town - if they wish.

The Manor House is a Grade II listed building. The original building dates from the 15th century. An 18th century extension provides an elegant red-brick Georgian frontage. The home is on two floors and the accommodation consists of 15 single bedrooms, all fitted with a wash basin. 9 of the rooms are fitted with en-suite toilet. All of the bedrooms are furnished as bed-sitters, and residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and possessions if they wish. Each room is considered to be the residents own domain, and is treated as such by staff and other residents alike. Each room is centrally heated and fitted with a Nurse Call system.

There is a wet room on the ground floor and a bathroom on the first floor with a fitted electric bath hoist.
In addition there are 2 WCs on each floor. There is comfortable wheel-chair access to all ground floor rooms and chair lifts available to the first floor. There is a large and airy sun lounge/dining room with access through french windows to a pleasant enclosed rear garden with patio, raised flower beds and garden pond. Some of the bedrooms have direct access to the patio and gardens.
There are two additional lounges at the front of the house.
Qualified staff and experienced care assistants are always on duty and are available at all times to help with all aspects of personal care.


Who we can provide care for...

The Manor House provides personal care for 15 elderly individuals of either sex who have been assessed as requiring care due to their age and/or physical handicap. Three of the rooms are suitable for individuals with serious physical disability requiring the use of a wheelchair for mobility. The Manor House does not itself provide nursing so therefore nursing care is provided only by (or under the auspices of) the District Nursing Team operating on the instructions of the  resident's General Practioner. In principle The Manor House accepts both individuals referred under social services departments' care management arrangements and people who are arranging their care independently and will pay the fees themselves.

What any pote
ntial resident should know...

It is important
that any prospective resident be fully aware of the aims, objectives and facilities provided by The Manor House. The admission process is therefore multi-staged to allow the prospective resident, the present residents and the staff to be confident that any placement would be suitable. It is for these reasons that we do not normally take emergency admissions. The receipt of this document is usually the first step towards admission. After reading this document, prospective residents and their families should be in a position to determine if The Manor House might provide a suitable home. If the answer is in the affirmative, prospective residents will be invited to visit the home with their relatives/carers. The proprietors will also, with the individual's permission, visit the prospective resident at his or her present accommodation. At both visits the proprietors will assess the needs of the prospective resident to ensure that the appropriate care can be provided. If so, a letter stating that fact will be sent and a trial placement will be offered as soon as a room becomes available.
For individuals who are seeking admission to The Manor House straight from hospital, or are being funded by Devon County Council a shared assessment will have been completed by the Care Manager or Ward Sister. This assessment should provide the basis on which to judge the suitability of placement.

Contract and Fees

Upon admission each privately funded resident will be given a contract specifying the details of the relationship. For residents funded by the NHS or Devon County Council, the contract will be between the agency and The  Manor House although each resident will be given a statement of terms and conditions. The fees for being cared   for by the staff at The Manor House vary depending upon the level of care required and whether ensuite facilities are provided. To provide a guideline the current fees range between £610.00 and £650.00 per week. Fees will include all care and accommodation costs, food and drink, heating and lighting, laundry done on the premises, and any other staff services. There are no differences in charging structure between those who pay the full cost of ca  re and those who have assistance from a local authority or primary care trust. However; the arrangement and timing of payment will vary between different authorities and trusts. It is important to realise that the fees do not cover the costs of newspapers, periodicals, hairdressing, dry cleaning, chiropody, treatment by dentists or opticians, or the purchase of clothing and personal effects.

Trial Period

first 4 weeks after a resident is admitted to the home will be mutually recognised as a trial period to see how well the new resident fits in and to establish if the resident thinks he will be happy in the home before giving up present accommodation.
During the trial period it is recommended that new residents do n
ot bring their own furniture and other bulky possessions.

Care Planning

On admission to the home a plan of care will be drawn up with the involvement of the resident and their relatives (if the resident so wishes).
This plan will emphasize the resident's potential to manage their own lives as independently as possible and to exercise their freedom of choice. The needs of individuals do not remain static so review and alteration of care plans will be a continuous process. Each resident will have their care plan reviewed at least once a month. Residents will have access to their own care plans and will be involved in care planning.
Staff and relatives will be encouraged to bring to the attention of the manager any problems or potential problems so that care can be adjusted promptly and appropriately.

Key Workers 

Each resident will be assigned one or more key-workers who are responsible for befriending, supporting, enabling, encouraging, providing information and promoting the aims and objectives of the home



The Manor House provides the following activities on a regular basis:

Music and Keep Fit
In house entertainment

Games, Quizzes and Bingo
Outings in the car to look at the countryside, Christmas lights, etc.
Trips to town on foot or by wheelchair
Religious services
Arts and Crafts   
and occasionally:  Outings to see a play or a musical
Visits to art and craft exhibition, farmer's market etc.

Catering Arrangements

Meal times in the dining room are generally as follows:   

Breakfast between 8 A.M. and 9 A.M. 

Lunch between 12:30 P.M. amd 1:30 P.M.
High Tea between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M.

Residents may, of course, have any meals served in their room if they wish. All meals are freshly prepared. Residents are encouraged to assist with menu planning and are welcome to offer suggestions. Special diets can be catered for and consideration is given to residents' likes and dislikes. Additionally a light supper is
offered between 7:30 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. which is usually served in the resident's  room. However at any time of the  day or night the staff will very willingly make any food or beverage requested (limited only by the availability of whatever is requested and the ability of the staff to prepare it).