Proprietors  Dr. S.H. and Mrs. S.E.C. Curry

Dr. S.H. and Mrs. S.E.C. Curry have owned, managed and resided at The Manor House since April 1996. Dr. Curry is a chartered psychologist with many years experience dealing with the rehabilitation of brain-injured individuals.              
Mrs. Curry is an RGN with many years of specialist practice. Her experiences as ward Sister have been   invaluable training in   the management of   staff and resources.

The Manor House is run as a small family home with the emphasis on the provision of quality individual care in a comfortable, safe and cheerful environment. The organisation and management of the home  are the means to achieve that end.

A copy of our latest inspection reports are always available for inspection. They will be found attached to a bulletin board on a wall outside and opposite the office. Alternatively you can either download a copy from the links below, or, request a  copy and the proprietors will ensure that you will have one to peruse.


The Manor House - Staff

At any point in time The Manor House will have between 19 and 22 members of staff additional to the proprietors.
The 24 hour day is split into 3 shifts - (Morning) 7:30 to 14:00; (Afternoon) 14:00 to 21:00 and (Night) 21:00 to 07:30. The morning shift usually consists of 4 carers, one cook and one domestic assistant plus one or both proprietors. On the afternoon shift there are three carers and usually at least one of the proprietors. During the night shift there is one waking carer and both proprietors sleeping.

The proprietors fully recognize the crucial role that staff play in the welfare of the residents and therefore have had a long-standing commitment to continuous staff development and training. This is evidenced by the high level of staff qualification. 
The Manor House is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our service. We have an extensive set of policies and procedures which are constantly under revision and are available for inspection if requested. An important part of our approach to quality assurance is to obtain the views from all who live in or visit the home. This information is usually obtained indirectly during conversation with the proprietors. In addition we use different questionnaires for the residents and their visitors to gauge how well we are doing

The Manor House - Pets

We believe that a home is much more of a home when there are pets about. At present we have one sprollie dog called Milo and three cats. There is a large ginger and white cat called Corky. Our son has a black and white cat called Raheem who never comes down as he is the proverbial scaredy cat. The third cat is a large black male called Spikie who has moved in with us. We also have a fish pond outside with 10 sizable fish and an aquarium in the garden lounge for tropical fish.